Marijuana is now legal in Nevada, and that means there aren’t any rules you need to follow, right? Wrong. In fact, it is so wrong that you can end up in serious trouble if you don’t know the rules and follow them closely when you arrive.

It is important to know everything about where to buy weed legally and when, where and how you can consume it when you do.

Where to Buy Weed Legally?

Tourists and residents can purchase marijuana from any number of medical marijuana dispensaries that are approved to make recreational sales. There are currently 37 locations in Las Vegas and Clark County where you can make your purchase.

Who Can Buy Weed?

Anyone over the age of 21 with a valid ID can purchase marijuana, consumables, concentrates, etc. You’ll need a driver’s license or passport that has a photo on it to qualify.

How Much Weed Can a Weed Fan Buy When a Weed Fan Can Buy Weed?

Is weed legal in Nevada? Yep, it sure is. Does that mean you can buy a kilo to take home with you? No, absolutely not! State law allows individuals to possess up to one ounce of marijuana (or an eighth-ounce of concentrate) at a time. Anything in excess of that limit is a violation of the law and can result in fines and arrest.

Can I Fly My Kind Find Home?

No. While marijuana is legal under Nevada state law, it is still illegal under federal law, and it is federal law that governs airline transport. This is true even if you’re flying between two marijuana-friendly states. While the TSA has said they won’t search for marijuana, it’s a gray area that could bring you trouble and is not worth the risk.

Where to Light Up?

You can’t walk down the street or hang out in the park while smoking. It must be done in a private residence or within a 420-friendly hotel. Smoking or eating consumables in violation of the law could lead to a $600 fine.

Cash or Credit?

You can’t charge your purchase, and the marijuana business in Nevada is strictly cash only, which means you should stop by the ATM before visiting a dispensary.

There is plenty to learn about Nevada legal weed, and we know what you need to know about marijuana so that you have a great time on your visit without any of the headaches or hassles that can arise from a legal misunderstanding.

We invite you to contact Herbology Tours to learn more about the programs and packages we offer. We guarantee to deliver a high-quality experience that will satisfy your desire to learn more about this fascinating industry and the way it’s changing the Las Vegas landscape.

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