Come get Highly Educated on this exclusive access private tour!

Our VIP Tour adds that personal experience to our Herbology 101 Tour. A private SUV/LIMO or Party Bus will pick up you and your group from your location. We will give you an in depth behind the scenes look at the Cannabis industry. You will learn how its grown, harvested, extracted, processed, and used for cooking, as well as its medicinal properties, uses and effects. Come get Highly Educated on this exclusive access private tour!

  • A guided educational tour of Cannabis, its history, health properties, uses, and methods of preparation and consumption.
  • Tour of a “State-of-the-art” Cannabis cultivation facility where your hands on experience begins.
  • Tour of a commercial Edible Kitchen, where you will see how Cannabis is transformed into may versions of edible treats.
  • Visit 2 or more dispensary where you can purchase Cannabis at discounted prices available only through our partnerships.
  • Private membership access to a Las Vegas smoking lounge to light up and enjoy your purchase.
  • Swag bag of goodies.

You can also choose add-on excursions to make your experience unforgettable….maybe

  • A Cannabis cooking class from a live chef that will show how to cook with Cannabis.
  • Tour of a glass blowing facility
  • Buds & Beer tour
  • Weed & Wine tour
  • Wheels then Weed tour
  • Scavenger Blunt tour
  • Guns then Greens tour

*Optional Medicinal Marijuana Card available to those who qualify. Online Pre-registration info required
24 hours prior to tour. (Additional charge. Must have passport)

Prices starting at $250 per hour/2 hour minimum

(add-ons based on availability)

Daily from 11:00-3:00pm and 12:20-4:20

Private tour Availability is limited.

BOOK NOW  or  Call us at  844-484-7868!

Must be at least 21 years of age with valid US.

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