What You Should Know About Legal Weed in Vegas

The use of recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada on Jan. 1, 2017. Those eager to enjoy a taste of freedom should know all they can about the marijuana laws in Las Vegas.

Here are a few things to know about weed in Sin City, whether you are a local or a tourist stepping off the plane.

1. Like alcohol, you have to be 21 to buy marijuana under Vegas’ marijuana laws.

2. It is still a crime to smoke or consume marijuana products in public. Violators can face fines of up to $600.

3. Marijuana is not allowed in casinos, public parks, concerts, restaurants, bars, etc. Moreover, many hotels have prohibited the use of marijuana, which means that it is important to book a marijuana-friendly place before you arrive.

4. You can’t bring it or take it home with you. Transporting marijuana across state lines remains a federal crime and this includes driving in with it or flying out with it.

5. Follow the one-ounce rule. You are allowed to have up to an ounce in your car or on you when you walk around on one of Herbology’s Tours through the city.

6. There are no marijuana clubs, for now. The state is scheduled to take up this debate in 2019 as the legislature looks to update the marijuana laws.

7. Current cannabis blends blow your grandpa’s skunk away. Today’s marijuana plants have been cultivated for maximum potency and flavor.

8. Edibles are king right now. Because smoking marijuana in public is still banned, many people are turning to edibles to satisfy their cravings. Brownies, cookies, gummies and lollipops are delicious treats that can be carried everywhere.

9. Cost is one of the most commonly requested things to know about weed in the state of Nevada, and like any other consumer product, prices vary depending on quality and availability. Generally speaking, an eighth of marijuana will cost $30 to $50 right now.

10. You won’t see a lot of advertising, because it’s heavily restricted. In fact, if more than 30 percent of the audience of a radio station, television program or other medium is expected to be under 21, a marijuana-related service and product can’t be advertised on it.

It’s a safe bet that you will have a great time in Vegas when you book a visit with Herbology Tours. We invite you to contact us to book a tour on a trip that will take you through the ins and outs of a fascinating industry that is turning the desert green. We know what you need to know about marijuana so you can sit back and enjoy your vacation in comfort and confidence that you are in compliance with the law.

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